Brain.Experience.Education Lab (B.E.E. Lab)

The Brain.Experience.Education (B.E.E) Lab, directed by Dr. Gigi Luk, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is dedicated to investigating experiences that enhance lifelong learning.

We focus on bilingual experience as a moderating factor in cognitive, language and academic development.  Through behavioral and neuroimaging techniques, our lab explores the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying bilingualism that interact with language, reading, and executive functions in children and adults. Importantly, we examine how these language differences as developmental experience interacts with learning. We are committed to generate knowledge to understand bilingualism as well as translating knowledge to stakeholders of education. 

Researchers in the lab include master's and doctoral candidates at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE).  Please refer to our research and people pages for ongoing projects and current lab members’ profiles and research interests.

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