Current Students and Research Assistants

April Boin Choi

April Boin Choi

Doctoral Student in Human Development

April is a doctoral student at HGSE, under the mentorship of Drs. Gigi Luk and Charles Nelson. She is interested in investigating neural and behavioral development in infants at risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and early interventions that can promote positive, long-term outcomes in children with ASD. 

Sibylla  Leon Guerrero

Sibylla Leon Guerrero

Doctoral Student in Human Development, Learning & Teaching

Sibylla is a doctoral student and research coordinator at the B.E.E. Lab.  She investigates the interaction of language and reading difficulties with a special interest in dialect variation and 2nd language populations.

Laura Mesite photo

Laura Mesite

Doctoral Candidate in Human Development and Education

Laura Mesite is a fifth year doctoral student in Human Development and Education. She is interested in how children in the U.S. develop language and literacy skills and, more specifically, how sociocultural and cognitive factors affect their reading interest and achievement. She studies this from a variety of perspectives including developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and education using various methods. She is interested in taking this comprehensive approach to study the identification and amelioration of reading difficulties/disability.... Read more about Laura Mesite

So Yeon

So Yeon Shin

Doctoral Student in Human Development, Learning and Teaching

So Yeon Shin is a doctoral student in the Human Development, Learning and Teaching department at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She earned a B.A. in psychology and educational studies from Swarthmore College in 2015. So Yeon is interested in the sociocultural factors that influence children's language development. She is particularly interested in the experiences of emergent bilingual children from immigrant families. 

Sarah Surrain

Sarah Surrain

Doctoral Student in Human Development, Learning and Teaching

Sarah is a doctoral student in Human Development, Learning and Teaching. She is interested in the early language and literacy development of children from diverse linguistics backgrounds, especially during the transition to formal schooling in early childhood. Other interests include social perceptions of bilingualism and parenting and teaching practices that support bilingual development.